Assault Trooper is a basic, common, and cheap offensive strategy (or simply put, a role) that works best at mid- to close-range. Essentially, it is available in MiniTroopers right from the start. All you need to do is give a Btl Troopers Trooper a gun with a suitable range, and there you go. Assault troopers are common grunts you deploy en masse, hoping they overrun the enemy.

They can also be considered a default state, from which you can upgrade them to other Roles. As such, while initially remotely effective, with the proper upgrades, they can achieve great results even without switching to a specialized strategy.

Essential Stats

  • None.

Helpful Stats

Most Suitable Classes

  • Helm Soldier Soldier (+5 Small Health Points, additional +1 Small Health Points per each new level).
  • Helm Doctor Doctor (healing and detoxification during combat and immunity to 2 types of special ammunition).
  • Helm Pilot Pilot (more frequent use of Veh Truck Vehicles, especially Veh Motorcycle Motorcycles).
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