Item Armor-Priercing Shells Armor-Piercing Shells
Skill Armor-Piercing Shells


Levels 7+.


Bullets will not be stopped by enemy armor.


Passive (always).


"What bulletproof vest?"

Counter to:

Skill Full Metal Balaclava Skill Bulletproof Vest Heavy Armor


Skill Desert Eagle Thompson

Item Armor-Priercing Shells The Armor-Piercing Shells are high-tier Small Equipment Animated Equipment, they are used in one of three equipment slots available per Btl Troopers Trooper. Bullets fired by the skill owner ignore the enemy's Small Armor Armor.

This item is only useful when fighting troopers or Veh Truck Vehicles with Armor. This skill can make a difference when fighting high level enemy Raid troops with a sound number of Life Points and armor ratings (namely soldiers). However, most soldiers are better countered with Small Killshot Killshots and vehicles are vulnerable to Gen Rocket Launcher Launchers. Armor-piercing cartridges can offer a degree of balance between extremes.

With the skill being available from level 7, the player needs to consider all present skills before deciding if this ammunition can be useful. Don't forget that Wpn Desert Eagle Desert Eagle and Wpn Thompson Thompson ignore all armor ratings by default, being decent weapons available from level 1.


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