Small Area of Effect Area of Effect (AOE in short) is a special characteristic of Small Weapon Weapons, Small Equipment Animated Equipment, and Gen Ability Abilities. Basically, it allows to affect more than one entity usually surrounding the target. Due to its nature this trait causes as much Friendly Fire as possible in affected range, which is a trade for immense offensive capability.


Screen RL AOE

Only two Small Weapon Classes possess the trait, those being Gen Shotgun Shotguns (short range) and Gen Rocket Launcher Launchers (long range). The former simply Damage all targets caught in the AOE, while explosive shells need to directly hit the target to have an effect, thus being less reliable.

There's also an occurrence falling into AOE category, called Small Burst Spread. Typically, if there are several entities in an area of effect, rounds fired from Gen SMG/Gen Gatling automatic Weaponry randomly hit either of entities, regardless of line of sight. An opponent being Locked does not influence this target randomization. As a result, friendlies risk taking a good portion of Damage and all the nasties a shooter is fitted with.


Naturally, all Gen Grenade Grenades affect all entities caught in the AOE. But aside from them, the only item in this category is Item Voodoo Doll Voodoo Doll with indefinite area of effect and no harm to friendlies.


Two out of six Btl Communication Communications-based Gen Ability Abilities:

  • Commando (slight Small Initiative Initiative boost).
  • Retreat (pulling surviving Btl Troopers Troops out and deploying a fresh Btl Deployment Wave if facing overwhelming hostiles, rotated troopers are resupplied and are counted as newly deployed upon return to combat).

A handful of Skill-based Gen Ability Abilities:

  • Bait (individual 8 Small Health Points bonus, undefined Small Dodge Dodge malus, and makes the owner the highest-priority target).
  • Brick S***house (individual 3 Small Health Points bonus, and gives friendlies Small Dodge Dodge bonus).
  • Camouflage (individual 20% Small Dodge Dodge bonus, and lowers the priority of being targeted).
  • Interception (reversing use of Gen Grenade Grenades, throwing them back at the enemy).
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