Gen Ability Ability is a term used to identify special actions not tied to any Equipment and used by the Btl Troopers Troopers in Combat. Generally, they are divided into two broad categories: active and passive.

  • Active Abilities are used at some point and provide a certain effect only after being triggered or activated. Usually, a trooper plays an animation (if available) and has the ability's name popping up over his head. Unlike Equipment, there's no indication if the ability (if one-time) has been used already, should you forget or miss the instance. One-time-use abilities cannot be used until the next battle, whilst multi-use or limited-use abilities can be used again as long as the trooper has the chance to use one again, which can generally be doubled with Gen Ability Hurry.
  • Passive Abilities are usually activated for the whole time their owner is alive. Those often provide Stat boosts.

To see how abilities work with vehicles, visit Vehicles and Skills.

Active Abilities

Passive Abilities

Unconfirmed Abilities

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